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Making leisure work…

Welcome to the MSK Consulting website and thank you for your interest.

Below are the areas in which I can assist you and your organisation – if you do not immediately see your requirement – contact me to discuss

MSK has


With 25 years in consultancy advising strategic and operational management.

Track Record

delivering commercial and sustainable development in YOUR SECTOR.


of the best planning models to ensure the success of your project.

What we do…

Business Improvement Performance

MSK maximises the value in a project or business both for the customer and the provider.

Commercial and business acumen are the skills needed to ensure that efficiencies work for an organisation and establishing effective procedures to maintain this effectiveness is key to long term success.

Examples of my work in this are:

Rossendale Leisure Trust being solely dependant on the Local Authority, widening the opportunities for more secondary income and capital spend on new innovation; a new gym, new 3G five a side pitches and climbing experience with a cafe area aimed at all areas.

Management Options Appraisals

Research and review of capabilities, systems and services needs to be an open and transparent process with the ‘buy-in’ of all key parties. Future business goals / targets cannot be set without first having a thorough understanding of an organisation’s present strengths and weaknesses. Compare and contrast with competing / similar businesses or bodies for a true picture from which to work on.

Examples of my work in this are:

Working with Active Humber on their new strategy going forward 2017 – 2020.

Procurement, Public-Private Partnerships / PFI

MSK understands SPACE. This sounds simple, yet the knowledge which enables the maximisation of facility in terms of cost (income and more importantly, profit) is a complicated but highly lucrative skill to have. Providing simple solutions to complex problems is key to best practice.

Examples of my work in this are:

Advising SPORTA clients and active on the Lancashire CLOG advising clients on all aspects of procurement, public – private partnerships and PFI. Experience also of asset transfer from Local Authority to Community Groups.

Externalisation and Shared Services

Sometimes partnership is NOT the way forward. Shared visions are rare. Working together is always a key aspiration, but MSK understands that this should not be detrimental short, medium or long term. Productivity and Profit must be the main focus commercially and if partnership / sharing / synergy happen as a bi-product then all the better.

Examples of my work in this are:

?Due diligence of back room shared services – their worth but sometimes their liabilities and the battle for size. Looking at the merits of community groups and Leisure Trusts joining backroom services to unite efficiencies.

Income Generation and Pricing Policies

MSK has an holistic understanding of your market place. Staffing, space and policy – the costs of efficiently running an organisation and setting price to maximise profit (not turnover) to contribute back to purchasing budgets is critical to the successful business cycle and ultimately delighted customers.

Examples of my work in this are:

?Swimming programmes and sports hall planning are an expert area, also transforming unused space into laser tag, climbing, soft play areas etc.

Quality Service Delivery

Internal HR and external customer service are inexorably linked. Get both right and you have delighted and loyal (repeat) customers and dedicated and loyal (retained) staff. Marketing is key to this both internally and externally. As Tesco would say – Every little helps…

Examples of my work in this are:

Obtaining the Social Enterprise Mark three years running shows commitment to the community we serve but also the organisation we represent.

Feasibilities and Finance

Ask yourself the questions: Will it work? How will it perform?

Research into like organisations – what do they do well / badly?

MSK has a wealth of experience and knowledge on what works and what does not, but also the flexibility to tailor this market nous to individual business situations and needs

Examples of my work in this are:

All investments not big or small need feasibilities and finance. I have first hand experience of projects from £5k to over £3m and have accesses private, prudential and Local Authority borrowing. I have a wealth of experience of fund raising and grant funding to the total of over £5m in the last five years.

Needs Assessment

What an organisation NEEDS and what an organisation thinks it WANTS can be entirely different. Sometimes the short term fix is all that you can see, but this can merely perpetuate bad practice. Having the courage to stop and take a holistic view is difficult when organisational process has become endemic – that is where MSK can help with true, unbiased consultancy and advice.

Examples of my work in this are:

Work with Magna Vitae in Lincolnshire during 2016 is my latest work on needs assessment, assessing their work towards an expansion of service.

Our achievements

Bury Cricket Club

Bury Cricket Club

Discussing the drainage options with Mark Smith of Bury Cricket Club
Physique Sports

Physique Sports

Discussing the new products at Physique Sports
Bury Sports Awards

Bury Sports Awards

Planning to MC the Bury Sports Awards 2015

Martin acted as a professional project manager whilst handling the Bury CC ground developments. i have would recommend him to any other organisation. His attention to detail and interaction with contractors has set him apart from the other project manamgers that we have used in the past.

Mark Smith
Chairman, Bury Cricket Club
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Marin Kay has earned a reputation for being one of the best in the business, listening, addressing and production of high class work. Yes, certainly one of the best for me.

Graham Bertraum
MD, Physique Sports

We used Martin to MC the Bury Sports Awards last year, funny , witty and with his attention to detail and connection with the audience what an amazing evening we had. I would recommend him as an MC for any occasion.

Jackie Veal
Sports Development Manager, Bury MBC

Martin has worked alongside the LCB for a number of years now and in a number of roles. His passion and commitment has always been there. Crucially, so is his ability to plan, organise, negotiate and influence.

Bobby Denning
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Martin is an excellent choice as Chairman, I am pleased to count him as a friend and I wish him well in his new website venture. If he puts in the same effort as he has done with the formation of the League then he will no doubt make it a success and also provide an excellent service to his clients.

Bob Hinchliffe
Chairman, Lancashire Cricket Board
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Martin is the ‘go to’ professional for matters relating to sports administration, development and facility management his wealth of knowledge is indisputable within the UK market and his national role with the Sporta network is testimony to this.

James Brindle
Director of Development and Partnerships, Magna Vitae Trust for Leisure & Culture
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In my opinion, if anyone has a sports or leisure project that wants someone to market and drive to success with passion, inspiration, knowledge and sheer hard work; simply get Martin Kay involved.

Dave Hawksworth
Chairman of Cricket, Elton Vale CC

Contact us…

Martin Kay: 07720 890 980
76 Nuttall Lane, Ramsbottom BL0 9JZ

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